Magellan is a universal education portal, which aims to allow schools to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies effectively by providing a common web desktop which works across all devices.

The Magellan desktop provides secure access to apps, cloud based learning tools, locally hosted programmes and files hosted on a school’s own server, delivered through a web connection to a teacher or student’s device wherever they are.

The web desktop uses tiles, and Windows 8 users will find it looks very familiar. These tiles can be set up by the school admin and allocated to particular groups of users, so each year group could have a different set of tools and applications available.


Magellan’s key functions include:

  • helps teachers keep students on task in class by providing a common interface for user groups.
  • allows teachers and students to access files and apps anywhere through web connection aiding school and homework tasks.
  • supports specialist school programmes such as SIMS (School Information Management System) aiding school administration for teachers and saving time through single sign on.

Magellan is a very interesting add on to enhance existing systems by providing fast and secure connections from any device, smartphone, iPad, laptop or home computer.

Magellan is priced per year, based on the number of staff and students in the establishment. It should be around £1 per student, per year.

It’s an interesting idea which could hopefully help to solve the problems caused by the wide variety of different devices now available in schools and at home to students and staff. You can see a demo of Magellan here and register for a trial.