Incredibox is a fun music creation tool that lets you you to create music using what is best described as a virtual human beatbox.

As you add people to the screen you can choose different sounds for them to make. The sounds then play on a loop to create your own unique piece of music. It’s very simple to use, and would work well on an Interactive Whiteboard.

I first wrote about Incredibox about 4 years ago, and since then they have now added several different versions to the site for you to explore. Each one works in the same way, but has different sets of sounds to try out.

You can even record your composition and can also listen to tunes created by other users

Sadly, it uses Flash so won’t easily run on iPads without a bit of browser knowhow.


Take a look for yourself at :

Update : There’s now an Incredibox iPad app. Read more here.