The BBC has released an updated version of their coding game, The Doctor and the Dalek, which features 4 new levels. At the same time, they’ve now released free versions of the game for iPads and Android devices.

The original game was launched back in October and was designed to introduce children to the idea of programming through simple code. By issuing commands to an on-screen Dalek the children can solve various problems and eventually save the Universe. So no pressure!

Dr Who and the Dalek

In addition to the new versions, the BBC has also produced a Doctor and the Dalek resource pack designed to be used alongside the game by teachers or parents.

The pack introduces each of the programming concepts required to solve the different challenges in the game. It provides information about how each concept is used, both in everyday life and in computer science. Links are provided to a range of resources that can further extend pupils’ learning.

You can get The Doctor and the Dalek on the Apple app store here or on the Amazon App store here. Or alternatively you can play the web version here (Unity plug in needed).

Unfortunately, Doctor Who fans may be disappointed to find that it appears access to the title has been restricted to users in the U.K. only. Maybe that’ll change in the future. Watch this space.

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