Brilliant Bluetooth Bee Bots at #BETT2015

The Bee Bot has been a familiar sight in many primary classrooms for many years. The small programmable bot provides an easy introduction to simple algorithms. You can even print out little outfits for them to wear! They’ve become a bit of an institution.

Then, a few years back, TTS produced a couple of Bee Bot apps which allowed children to move an animated Bee Bot to solve simple problems. The Bee Bots had been dragged into the digital age, albeit only on-screen.

So it was rather interesting to see that a new version of the Bee Bot was being launched at BETT, that combined the idea of the iPad app with a controllable Bluetooth Bee Bot; The Blue Bot has arrived.

Bluetooth Bee Bot

The Blue Bot is an updated version of the traditional yellow blue bots, but with the addition of bluetooth connectivity. Once connected to the iPad, the bot can be controlled by building up a sequence of instructions, which are then sent to the bot to make it move. The bot also has the usual buttons on top for using it in the traditional way.

Different mats can be printed and used with the bot. You can even make your own mats, then photograph them with the app to use on-screen.

The Blue Bot app is not yet available in the app store, but apparently it’s coming very soon, according to the TTS people on the stand at BETT. The other TTS apps are here, so I assume it will be visible on that page when available.

I loved the Blue Bot. It provides a great way to combine tablet technology with a more traditional tool for teaching simple coding and algorithms. Get your Blue Bot here!

UPDATE : You can get the Blue Bot App here.

Author: Danny Nicholson

Danny is an author, Science teacher, ICT Consultant, PGCE lecturer and computing / interactive whiteboard trainer. He has delivered training courses across the UK, in Europe, and in Canada. Please get in touch with your training requests.

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