DIY Sun Science for iPad allows children (and teachers!) to investigate and learn about the Sun, using live footage, archive images and practical activity ideas. The app was developed by UC Berkeley’s The Lawrence Hall of Science in association with NASA.

The observatory module allows children to view live (or very recent) images of the Sun from NASA’s SDO satellite. They can select images taken using different wavelengths of light and compare the different features that they can see.

The app also contains a video and image gallery which allows the children to view collections of images and videos of the Sun from various observatories on Earth and in space. This helps the children to learn about the various features of the Sun, how scientists are studying the Sun, and view videos of the Sun from the past 48 hours.


As well as the on-screen content, the app provides 13 free, easy to use, hands-on practical activities. Each activity includes material lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations. Activities include making prisms, exploring eclipses and building a solar oven. Do make sure to follow all safety precautions for any experiments involving the Sun.

This is a great free resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Sun. Download it and take a look for yourself!

You can download DIY Sun Science from the app store for free.