Formative is an online assessment tool that lets teachers set up questions which run on any device with a web browser (iPads, smartphones, laptops, iPod Touches, etc.)

By logging into the Formative website, teachers can create a series of assessment questions. Then, by sharing a quick code with their students they can access it on whatever device they are using, as long as it has internet access.

To answer the questions, the students can type in an answer, draw diagrams or upload images. If the students are using tablets then it’s easy for them to show any working out.



All the results are instantly sent back to the teacher for marking and feedback. To mark an answer the teacher just needs to click on it, and choose a score from a sliding scale. Formative can’t yet mark drawings or long written answers, that’s still down to the teacher to do.


It’s an interesting tool. For quick quizzes I’d probably still use something like Socrative, but the ability to take hand-drawn answers does open it up to a wider range of questions – even if the teacher then still needs to mark them manually.

You can get more info, and sign up for a free account at