Talking Cutie is a fun free iPad app that lets you add voices to images. Simply take a photograph, and then record up to 60 seconds of narration over the top. You can then add a talking face to the object – choosing from a wide range of different features.

talking cutie


This would have lots of uses in the classroom. Children could add a short description of an artefact in history, historical characters, famous people, they could describe different animals and plants in science.

This would be great for foreign language work, with the children speaking short phrases in the target language.

The app changes the voice, so children who hate hearing themselves shouldn’t have a problem when the finished video is played back, as it doesn’t sound like them.

Here’s an example of Talking Cutie in action:

The finished video can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook directly from the app if you want. For classroom use, just being able to use the feature to save it to the Camera Roll should be enough, but you can also send it to Dropbox if you want an easy way to get the file off the iPad and onto a regular computer.

As a class you might want to make a few of these, and stitch them together into iMovie.

You can download Talking Cutie here. It’s great fun, and it’s free, so do check it out!

Thanks to Joe Dale for tweeting about the app last week and making me aware of it.

What do you think of Talking Cutie? Let me know about any other similar apps in the comments below!