Russel Tarr’s Classtools site is one of my go-to websites. I’m a big fan of the countdown timer and random name picker tools, and have used them on many occasions. The Fakebook and Twitter generator tools are also great.

Just added to the site is the Breaking News Generator. This allows teachers and children to create an image that looks like something from a 24 hour news channel. It’s great fun and has a lot of potential.


The images that you create can be downloaded, or shared via a generated URL. You could also screen capture them straight into your IWB software.

This would be great for providing a summary of a story, or historic event. PupilsĀ  could create a one line summary of their findings in a science investigation, alongside a photograph of it taking place. Teachers could use it as a lesson or discussion starter or even use it as a way of displaying learning intentions.

You can try it out for yourself at

There’s loads of other tools there too, so go to and take a look!