Hue Animation Studio contains everything that a budding animator needs to start creating stop motion animation videos. The pack includes a USB camera, animation software and book of ideas to get you started.

The HUE HD USB camera is a flexible plug and play camera with built-in microphone. The HUE camera is perfect for stop motion animation, as well as for taking still pictures and recording real-time videos. It can even be used as a document camera, with the right software.

Hue Animation Studio

The camera’s flexible neck offers a wide range positioning options. Users can either leave the camera in its base or connect the camera’s flexible neck directly to a laptop’s USB port for mobility. The camera is manually focused using the metal ring around the lens, there’s no autofocus. Image quality is very good.

One neat feature that I really liked is that the packaging box that the camera comes in has a fold down flap that reveals a printed scene – allowing you to use the box as a stage for your first animation!


The animation software has been specifically designed for educational use, with a user friendly, fully-featured interface. The usual features that you would expect are there – including onion skinning and the ability to add sound effects.

It’s simple to use and get started quickly, but powerful enough to create interesting effects once you’ve mastered the basics.

Hue Animation Studio

Double-clicking on a frame opens up a frame editor where additional changes can be made. This can include annotations, flipping and chromakey effects.

Hue Animation Studio

The finished films can be exported ready for sharing on YouTube or any other video service.

The software is suitable for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The software comes with a single user licence (Activation needed), but multi user and site licence options are available from Hue.

Also included in the pack is a 60-page book full of fun and engaging movie making ideas. There are also online tutorials via the Hue website.

The pack is great, and would make a great addition to any teacher interested in getting into animation. It would also make a good gift! You can find out more at

Disclosure : Hue HD sent me an animation pack free of charge to review. They did not pay for this article.