Plotagon is a free iOS app that lets you create impressive animations on an iPad. It works in a very similar way to websites such as GoAnimate and Xtranormal. Create different characters, put them into scenes and write the dialog. The computer then generates the speech from the text.

The app is free but it does have in-app purchases, which may deter some teachers from using it. However there is an education version available which has an annual subscription for a class. There’s also a free trial available right now if you want to try it out.


With Plotagon students can easily create animated videos while improving their writing and storytelling skills. Teachers could ask children to create discussions between several characters to explain concepts, demonstrate learning, or just to tell a story.

Students who are shy or have special needs can “talk” and share via Plotagon. They can type what they want to say and have an avatar speak their words for them!

If you are interested, you can download Plotagon here. Or check out their website to find out more.

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Hat Tip to Larry Ferlazzo for making me aware of Plotagon.