I’m a big fan of Prowise interactive whiteboards and especially their Prowise Presenter software. This provides teachers with free browser-based interactive whiteboard software with no need to mess with licence keys or installation. It also has a rather impressive set of tools called Proconnect which makes interacting with classroom tablets a breeze.

Prowise have just updated Presenter to version 8. So here’s what’s new:

Open multiple presentations in a single window, in different tabs.

The Presenter app now supports the use of multiple tabs, in a single window. This is a pretty useful feature as it allows you to easily switch between presentations, have several presentations open, and move content between presentations more easily.

Prowise Version 8

Saved Settings

When using a tool in your presentation, Presenter will automatically remember the tool last used settings. When you open your presentation again, Presenter will display the tool with your last saved settings. For example, add the dice tool to your presentation, change the settings to 1 dice and save your presentation. Open the presentation again, and the tool will open with 1 dice, as you previously selected.

Updated Illustrations

The Illustrations and symbols have been updated with some new graphics added, such as the planets of the Solar System. You can always search for internet images within the software too.

Puzzle maker

Put all the pieces together in this new puzzle tool which creates jigsaws based on a image. It’s easy to create your own puzzle: select the type of puzzle and the number of pieces, choose a ready-to-use image or add an image of your choice from your computer or a quick internet search.

Prowise Version 8

Balance Tool

The maths balance tool in Presenter has also been updated and tweaked. Hang the weights in the right place to make the equaliser balance. Enrich your instruction or have your students practice individually with the practice mode.


You may not know that Prowise contains a coding tool too! Look in the Tools to find Codewise. This will let you create simple algorithms to move characters around different backgrounds.

Prowise Version 8

Updated ProConnect

The ProConnect App has been significantly improved. This update includes speed and stability improvements, to optimise the use of all ProConnect functionalities. Update the free ProConnect app or visit connect.prowise.com in your browser.

If you’ve never used ProConnect before, it’s really worth taking some time to see what it can do. It’s possible to set up a page (for example an unlabelled diagram) then send that page out to student tablets/computers using the Share Screen feature. The students can add their annotations and send it back to you. The teacher computer can then display all the submitted pages for discussion. There’s also a live connection feature so a teacher can watch a student write on the tablet in real time.

Proconnect also has some very useful polling features. All this in a free app. Well worth exploring!

Prowise Version 8

Active Directory

In addition to adding users manually, you can now connect your Active Directory users with Prowise Presenter. This automatic synchronisation will save you time managing your accounts.

Single sign-on

If you don’t have a Presenter Account then teachers and students can now login to Presenter using a Microsoft Account (Office 365,hotmail or live). To login using the single sign-on functionality, click on the Microsoft or Azure logo, located at the bottom of the login screen of Presenter.


And finally

I love Prowise Presenter. It may not have as many features as Smart or Promethean – but the fact it runs in your browser with no installation or messing with licences makes it very attractive. Version 8 isn’t a massive upgrade from the last version, but the changes make things run a lot smoother.

The ProConnect tools are amazing, and if you have student devices in the classroom you really need to try the screen sharing out. You can download the ProConnect app here. Or access it via any browser at connect.prowise.com.

In addition to the browser version, you can also download the Prowise Desktop App for your PC/Mac computer. This is exactly the same as the browser version, but also gives you access to desktop annotation and capture tools. Very handy! If you’ve installed this in the past, you’ll need to run an update to get the new v8 version.

And if you ever want training in how to use Prowise Presenter/Connect in your schools – then please get in touch. I’d be happy to put a session together for your staff to show you what it can do. For a crash course in Presenter, go here.