There’s a bit of a Star Wars theme to the blog posts this week as the hype machine gears up to the release of the movie in a month’s time. This time, it’s an app I’ve written about before, Action Movie FX, which gets the Star Wars treatment.

If you’ve not seen it before, Action Movie FX lets the children add Hollywood-style special effects to their iPad movies. This can include alien spaceships, crashing asteroids or a tornado. With the new update you can add loveable droid BB8 to your films.

One BB8 clip is free. The others, including Vader’s Revenge, Lightsaber Fight, AT-AT Smash, Falcon Battle, BB-8 Escape and BB-8 Surprise come as an in-app purchase.

This would be great for adding a little bit of BB8 to student films – these clips could then be added to other footage within an app such as iMovie. It would also be good to use to create a short film to use as a story starter to inspire their own creative writing or film making.

The movies made with the app can be exported as movie files, and can now be exported as animated gifs.

The Action Movie FX app is free, and comes with various other free effects such as spider strike, avalanche, missile attack, car smash, demolition rock and rough terrain.

Do be aware that all other effects are in-app purchases. They can be bought in pairs for 70p as a bundle for £3.99. The money does go to Unicef though.

You can download Action Movie FX here.