Pie Corbett is a trainer, poet and author of over 250 books, including the bestselling Jumpstart!: Literacy
and Story Ideas iPad app. A former head teacher, lecturer and English Inspector, he is known for developing the transformational ‘Talk for Writing’ approach.

Storytelling is central to Pie Corbett’s ground-breaking Talk for Writing approach, and has already been used successfully by thousands of schools nationwide. His new book, Talk for Writing in the Early Years: How to teach story and rhyme will show teachers how to put rhyme and story at the heart of their work with children and parents so that young learners’ language development and creativity flourishes.

Stories are not mere frivolities to round off the day before bed – they are essential to human development. Research consistently shows that telling stories improves a child’s comprehension and critical thinking, their memory, concentration, confidence, and language. As such, in the early years, the role of storytelling cannot be valued highly enough.

Pie Corbett - Talk for Writing

The Talk for Writing approach is based around three simple concepts – imitation, innovation and invention. By teaching language and writing in memorable patterns, learners develop a bank of templates. Children then draw on these templates and fill them with their own language and experience. They can first imitate patterns, then innovate within them, and eventually grow to invent their own stories independently.

Talk for Writing in the Early Years is accompanied by a DVD featuring two hours of footage. With teaching notes from Pie, demonstrations of how to use story maps, how to use actions to reinforce meaning, and how to emphasise key language patterns, Pie and Julia demonstrate how Talk for Writing is a multisensory approach

Pie and Julia’s book provides a fun, practical, down-to-earth guide to teaching stories and rhymes to young children.I found it packed full of ideas. I’m not really the target market for a book like this but I know a few EYFS teachers who’d love to borrow it! If you are involved in early years teaching then this is a very useful book to have!

You can buy Talk for Writing in the Early Years: How to teach story and rhyme via Amazon. It’s currently available for preorder, and it’ll be released at the end of February.