SMART have just released version 16 of Smart Notebook.  On the whole, it’ll look the same as older versions, but there’s a few new features worth knowing about. Such as:

Image search Tool

You can now easily add images to a Notebook page, without having to leave the software. The new Bing-powered image search automatically filters for royalty-free images, allows you to toggle between clip art and images and has safe-search on by default.

Widget upgrades

Some of the old-flash based widgest such as the dice, timer and clock have been updated to HTML 5. All of your old content will still be preserved, but these should get around the issues with Flash players in many schools. Plus it means they work better on iPads.



The Magic Hat icon has been replaced with a space invader (above), for some reason. Click on him to access the lesson activity builder tools.

You can now easily access free SMART Lab resources on the SMART Exchange directly from SMART Notebook. The link is in the gallery tab and automatically filters to over 500 SMART lab activities

One-touch access to Smart Response 2

From the add-ons menu in Notebook, you can now access a beta version of SMART response v2. This assessment software allows you to create assessments in under 5 minutes to quickly gauge student understanding. Students can respond to questions using desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones.

You can download Smart Notebook 16 here. If you have a valid licence then you can upgrade for free. Or if you’re after another version, here’s how to get older versions of Smart Notebook.

Smart Notebook v16