One of my main roles is as a Primary Science lecturer, training student teachers to become great science teachers, or to at least to overcome the fear of science they developed in high school! Over the course of a year I fire plenty of useful websites and apps at them that they should check out. One of my students asked if I had a handy list of all of them in one place and I realised I hadn’t collated them for a while.

So here goes. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these are the main websites and apps that I have tended to show as part of my PGCE science lectures.

My Essential Science Teaching Toolkit is as follows:

Plants, Nature and the Environment

Human Body





Earth and Space

See also : Explore the Universe from your Whiteboard

Also : In Space Everyone Can Hear You Tweet

Adaptation, Fossils and Evolution



General Apps for Storytelling

Also see: Apps for Storytelling

Assessment and Quizzes

Also see Puzzle and Quiz ideas

Getting Other Science Ideas

There’s probably a few more, but I can’t remember them right now. I’ll add them to the list if I remember. And if you think of any other essential apps, please add them to the comments below.

I’m always happy to run CPD sessions on using iPad apps and other ICT tools in Science. Please get in touch if you want to know more!