The Code for Life website has been developed by grocery giants Ocado to help teachers deliver the new computing curriculum and inspire the next generation of computer scientists.

Their first game, Rapid Router is a free teaching resource aimed at Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 children. It is a fun and engaging coding game that helps teach children the basic principles of programming.

Rapid Router

Built on ‘Blockly’, visual programming language similar to Scratch, Rapid Router enables teachers to monitor and manage individual pupil progress and identify where more support is required.

Rapid Router - Code for Life

After a series of activities using Blockly, Rapid Router moves onto coding in Python – an easy language that’s perfect for beginners but also used by organisations such as NASA and Google.

Students will quickly pick up how to write clear, simple lines of code, plus learn the importance of accuracy and correct syntax – critical for all programming languages.

Code for Life - Python

Although only one app so far, Ocado say the site will eventually expand with more apps coming in future updates.

You can use the site without being logged in. But teachers and students can register with the site to save their progress. Teachers can set up an account first to access teaching resources, and set up their classes on the site.

It’s another useful tool to have available when teaching coding with your class. Take a look for yourself at