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Creation Crate is a very interesting project that aims to get more people making and tinkering with simple, fun electronics projects. The ethos of Creation Crate is that anyone can learn the basics of building electronics. They want people to see that it’s not as complex as they think it is.

It’s a subscription service, for a regular fee they will send out a box every month. You can subscribe for just a single month, or pay for several months in advance and get a better price.

Each box will contain different parts depending on the project for that month. The box I was sent contains all the components needed to build a colour-changing paper lamp; LED’s, a breadboard, resistors, paper lantern, connecting leads and an UNO R3 Arduino board.

Creation Crate

Every project comes with an instruction booklet. This booklet gives you a detailed, step-by-step guide to building the project. This includes how to put the components together, how to program the Arduino, common errors, and other exercises to try to push your project further.

An online link is also given so you can download a completed program should you need it!

It’s a fun project that introduces you to these basic components, and how to set them up to make the lamp work. There’s no need for any soldering, which makes life a lot easier! The instructions explain what each chunk of code does, so you see what you’re doing as you go along.

Creation Crate

It’s an impressive kit which would be great for anyone who was interested in getting started with building electronic projects. The fact you get a new arduino each time means you don’t have to dismantle an old project to start a new one.

Teachers that are running coding clubs or in-school maker spaces should definitely take a look at this. It takes all the hassle out of planning fun projects to carry out, and sourcing all the components individually.

You can learn more about Creation Crate at



Author: Danny Nicholson

Danny is an author, Science teacher, ICT Consultant, PGCE lecturer and computing / interactive whiteboard trainer. He has delivered training courses across the UK, in Europe, and in Canada. Please get in touch with your training requests.

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