Toontastic is a fantastic digital storytelling tool. Since the last time I wrote about it it’s been bought by Google, who have just relaunched it as a shiny new 3D version. The new version is now free, with no pop up ads or additional in-app purchases!

With Toontastic 3D children can draw, animate, and narrate their own cartoons. It’s really easy to do. Simply choose a setting and characters, move them around onscreen while telling a story and Toontastic records voice and animations and stores it as a video to play back later.

Toontastic 3D

The revamped Toontastic 3D features a giant toy box full of characters such as swashbuckling pirates, transforming robots, nefarious villains, and many more characters and settings to spark kids’ imaginations. If that’s not enough they can even design their own characters with the built-in 3D drawing tools, customize existing Toontastic characters, and even add their faces on characters to themselves in the story.

There are now three different story arcs to use for digital storytelling projects. A Story Arc is a scaffolding tool that helps them map out a story’s plot. These are Short Story, Classic Story, & Science Report. I Like the idea of using the Science Report theme – it allows the planning of a “typical” investigation with question, hypothesis, results, conclusion etc. Would make a good alternative to the traditional science write up from time to time.

toontastic 3d arc
The app also includes an ideas lab which is full of playful stories, characters and settings to inspire the children to create their own adventures.

How could you use this in schools? There’s loads of ways this could be used.

  • Explaining historical events
  • Telling stories in other languages
  • Creating a book report
  • Explaining science concepts
  • Creating their own stories
  • Creating tutorials or guides
  • Summarise learning
  • Instructional videos

The old Toontastic was great, and had plenty of different uses in schools. The new version is even better, as as it’s free there’s no downside to installing it and trying it out! There’s more information over at the Toontastic website.

Toontastic works on phones, tablets, and select Chromebooks. You can download Toontastic, for free, from the iOS Store here, or from the Android store here.