Story Spheres is an interesting way to add stories to panoramic photographs. It’s a simple concept that combines the storytelling tools of words and pictures with a little digital magic.

To use, you first need to upload a Photosphere, a 360-degree photo you can take on your phone or tablet using Google’s Photo App or similar program.

Once uploaded, you can add dialogue, sound effects and even a music track (if it’s rights-free). Any user can then open the scene to see your panoramic photo with sound and stories baked in.


The site can be used on Google Cardboard or similar VR devices to create a truly immersive experience.

You could set a class Storysphere account up, and then create spheres when you go on school field trips. Capture the photospheres while there, then the children could build the storyspheres when they are back in the classroom to summarise what they learned.

If you don’t want to create your own, you can always browse all the storyspheres that are already on the site, which could be used on your IWB to show the children places such as the Great Barrier Reef or a lighthouse.

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