I’m a big fan of Prowise interactive whiteboards and especially their Prowise Presenter software. This provides teachers with free browser-based interactive whiteboard software with no need to mess with licence keys or installation. It also has a rather impressive set of tools called Proconnect which makes interacting with classroom tablets a breeze.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about version 8 coming out. Well things are progressing fast at Prowise HQ and now they’ve just updated Presenter to version 9. So here’s what’s new:

Touch Table Tools

This is probably the best new feature of version 9. If you download the Prowise Presenter Desktop App you can now use it in Touch Table Mode. Click the icon in the bottom right corner and follow the instructions.

prowise touch table tools

You can choose from subjects ranging from Maths to Literacy, and many more for primary education. The stars displayed in every tool indicate the level. The levels have been organised based on children’s developmental age, ranging from 2 up to 14 years.

At present, it looks like you can only use the pre-designed tools. There’s no way I can see of creating your own. Maybe in the future?

If you want to use the Touch Table Tools you’ll need to install a new version of the Presenter Desktop App which has all the new tools built-in. Download it here. You don’t get these tools with the browser version.

You can use the tools on a Windows multi-touch table or All-in-One PC.If you’ve got a Prowise Screen on an adjustable stand, then you will be able to lower and tilt it down and turn it into a table!

Prowise Touch Table

Drag and Drop Files Directly into Presenter

It’s now possible to upload your images and audio files from your computer quickly and simply just by dragging and dropping. You can even upload multiple files at once. The files will be added to your page, and automatically saved in your library.You can drag & drop the following file types directly into Presenter: Image files: JPEG, JPG and PNG. Audio files: MP3 and WAV.

Improved Page Manager

Not only has the look of the page manager been changed, they have also added new features to make things easier : you can now simply copy pages from one presentation to another, change the order of the pages by simply dragging the page, and add new pages to your presentation with the updated ‘add’ button.

Saving presentations much faster!Quickly save your presentation before going home? You can now save presentations much faster than before, as they have improved the save performance. It’s much quicker than previously.

Reconnect with ProConnectWhat if you lose your connection to the internet during a ProConnect session? No worries, from now on ProConnect will re-establish your connection to ensure you can seamlessly continue your ProQuiz session or other ProConnect tool. Also, ProConnect has been significantly improved to deliver even better ease of use.

And finally

As I’ve said before, I love Prowise Presenter. It may not have as many features as Smart or Promethean – but the fact it runs in your browser with no installation or messing with licences makes it very attractive. With every update it gets slicker, and more user-friendly.

The ProConnect tools are amazing, and if you have student devices in the classroom you really need to try the screen sharing out. You can download the ProConnect app here. Or access it via any browser at connect.prowise.com.

And if you ever want training in how to use Prowise Presenter/Connect in your schools – then please get in touch. I’d be happy to put a session together for your staff to show you what it can do. For a crash course in Presenter, go here