Would you like to make an electric guitar and learn about the physics of sound? How about making a game with a huge red button to explore coding or human nervous systems and the ethics of experimenting on humans? These new kits from educational startup Do It Kits allow you to do just that.

Do It Kits have launched a new range of innovative educational maker products designed to encourage more children, especially girls, to engage with STEM subjects. This start-up company makes it easy and fun for secondary school teachers who aren’t already makers to teach with new technologies and maker methodologies.

Each kit comes with over three hours of lesson plans, worksheets and OFSTED friendly teacher guidance with up-to-date curriculum links. Each kit is reusable, hackable and customisable. You can use them right out of the box with no experience, no lengthy setup times and no specialist equipment.

The maker movement has been shown to increase student engagement with STEM subjects, particularly among girls. This is supported by Intel’s report MakeHers: Engaging Girls and Women in Technology through Making, Creating, and Inventing.

Do It Kit

Do It Kits engage students with science and technology and by emphasising that technology is a method of creation and discovery, not the end goal in itself.

I really like the look of the kits – and I am hoping to get one for review in the near future so watch this space. In the meantime, check them out at http://doitkits.com/