OK Go are a band which pride themselves on making eye-catching music videos. I’m sure you’ve already seen at least one video by them over the years. I use their videos a lot in my science lectures – from their amazing Rube Goldberg machine in This Too Shall Pass to stretching a 4 second burst of action into a full length video in The One Moment.

OK Go have obviously been aware of how many times their videos have been shared by teachers, and so have now created the OK Go Sandbox to help teachers get the most out of their videos.

OK Go Sandbox is an online resource for educators that uses OK Go’s music videos as starting points for integrated guided inquiry challenges allowing students to explore various STEAM concepts. The website contains guides for teachers that includes ideas for practical work with suggested materials and student guides. Also included are behind the scenes videos in which the band members explain the concepts behind each video.

Developed as a collaboration between OK Go and the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas (led by Dr. AnnMarie Thomas), OK Go Sandbox is about bringing different ideas, disciplines, and people together to explore creativity and learning. Director Geoff Shelton is creating new videos specifically designed to inspire classroom discussions and projects.

It’s an excellent resource. The videos have always sparked a lot of discussion when I use them with my students, and having resources to help educators make better use of the videos is a great idea. I don’t know of any other band that has done something like this (Although as a side not, do check out the science videos created by They Might be Giants). But if you do know of any others, add them in the comments or @ me on Twitter.

Check out the OK Go Sandbox at https://okgosandbox.org