A colleague shared this link to Bumptop with me last night (thanks Paul!). It’s a ”real world’ desktop interface where you can spread files around on a 3d desktop environment that models how we spread files around on our real desks.

It’s an interesting idea, and with the lassooing and gestures I could see this working well with an IWB or tablet.

I’m a little concerned about just how busy the desktop would get – given the large number of files I have. I wonder if each ”desktop” would be a different folder to streamline things. Also there’s a reason I can’t find that much on my desk, I have stuff all over the place. I do much rather prefer the rigid structure of a file directory, it does make it so much easier to find files that I am looking for.

You can see a video of the desktop in operation below and sign up to be considered for beta testing of bumptop at www.bumptop.com.