Just to make you aware, if you’re not already, of a great competition from Smart:

Show off your lesson development skills with the SMART Teacher Content Challenge. Take the opportunity before July 31, 2008, to send us an innovative and effective lesson that incorporates digital content – you could win a seven-day trip for two or a school subscription to the SMART Learning Marketplace.

And SMART makes entering the challenge easy. We provide you with 30 MB of free digital resources from the Marketplace – find images, video clips, audio files and manipulatives (learning objects) to help you make your lesson great!

Teachers in the US and Canada will win a trip to London to see BETT 🙂

Teachers in the UK and Ireland will win a trip to Calgary to see Smarts Headquarters.

I’ve been to Calgary in the past (not to Smart HQ though) and it’s a great place. I know which prize I’d prefer 😉

Follow these steps to submit your lesson to the SMART Teacher Content Challenge:

  1. E-mail your name and school details to smartteacher@globalgridforlearning.com. You’ll receive a promo code within 24 hours.
  2. Visit the SMART Learning Marketplace site and enter your promo code
  3. Download your free 30 MB of digital resources
  4. Create a dynamic lesson with your newly acquired images, manipulatives (learning objects) and multimedia files
  5. Write a report about your experiences teaching with the lesson and submit your report and the lesson before July 31, 2008 to www.globalgridforlearning.com/smartteacher.htm

More information can be found here