There’s a new version of SMART Notebook on it’s way. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a beta yet, so this is what I can glean from various press releases and video announcements.

Notebook 2014 sees the introduction of the ‘Text Pen’. This is a new, and improved handwriting recognition tool.  The updated tool allows you to edit text by making gestures with the pen.  Gestures and slashes with the text pen tool will allow you to add, delete and edit the textbox.

You can see the Text Pen in action here:

The Paint Pen is another new feature which allows you to choose from paint effect inks, a bit like the crayon pen from Notebook 11.

Notebook 2014 is also including more new widgets that you can access within Notebook. These were brought in with version 11, but there weren’t many widgets released. Hopefully there’ll be more with this release, like this interactive Geogebra widget.

The important news is that with the release of Notebook 2014, SMART are changing the licensing rules (again).  SMART is introducing Notebook Advantage software maintenance plans to provide annual access to product upgrades and subject-specific add-ons. You can find out what this means for you if you are already SMART user on the Notebook Advantage page.

Word is that it will be released this Spring, so watch this space.