Here’s my second whiteboard challenge. Both Smart and Promethean software lets you alter the transparency of images, and also to make parts of an image completely transparent, which is useful for getting rid of white space around an image.

Whiteboard Challenge- Transparency from Danny Nicholson on Vimeo.

Try some of these out, and use one of them with your class;

Use a slighly transparent image as a watermarked background for a piece of creative writing, then write over the top of it. Maybe a beach scene or an image of a landmark

Overlay one image on top of another – maybe a new and old photograph of a building or a place. Or a Google map overlaid on top of the satellite image. Then fade one out to reveal the other.

In art use a photograph of a landscape – or a portrait photograph – and trace over the top. Then fade out the image to make the tracing easier to see. You could also use the straight line tool and show all the lines of perspective in an image

There are other uses too, see if you can think of any more.

Again, the challenges won’t be going live until August 11, but check out the Challenge site for more info.