Sumo Paint is awesome! I love online painting programs, and this one really impressed me.

Some of the paint packages I’ve found and blogged about have been fun, but you always feel like you are just playing with a cut-down web application- Sumo Paint looks and feels like a proper, fully-featured art program like Paint Shop Pro and suchlike.

It supports layers, shape tools, different brushes, ink, gradients and clone stamps. It really is a superb piece of software. And like all my favourite bits of software it’s free!

You can save images to an online gallery to share, or save them to your computer. There’s a community aspect to the software where you can share your images with others to work on – or work on pictures other people have produced.

This would be fantastic on an interactive whiteboard – it’s is after all just a massive graphics tablet – but this would be equally as awesome to use on regular computers as a cheap replacement for other graphics software. You will need to make sure that you have the most recent version of the Flash Player installed (Version 10)

Sumo Paint

More information about Sumo Paint can be found here, or you can launch it direct from this link: