News on the Promethean website that there is a new upgrade for Active Inspire. Version 1.2 is now available to download for free for all Promethean users (and also users of other IWBs)

Features include improved support for Visualisers, Dual Pen capability and some improvements to searching for resources from the library.

ActivInspire V1.2 now supports the creation and execution of Self-Paced Question Sets, available for use with ActivExpression devices.

The Screen Recorder now lets you record only an area of the screen, rather than the whole screen.

How to Upgrade

Existing ActivInspire Users
Upgrade through your ActivInspire dashboard by choosing View -> Dashboard, then select Configure and Check for Updates. It’s a 36MB file which you can then download and then run to update your version.

New ActivInspire Users:
Download the full version of ActivInspire from Promethean.

More about it here, on the Promethean Planet website along with the full patch notes.