Hey Danny…fancy letting the girls take over your whiteboard blog while you are out ogf the country! Very risky! We wanted to turn it pink and fluffy but just couldn’t do it to you.

I am Angie McGlashon, long term friend of Danny’s and an ICT adviser for Essex LA for 4 days and a free lance ICT consultant for the other day. I specialise in technologies that support ICT and SEN ad there is no better place to start than Sally Paveleys Plasma Screen and Whiteboard Room. What a fantastic and growing resource full of downloadable basic skills resources that have been sent in by interested parties. Plasmas are a great way to get IWB technologies to people who are limited in mobility because they can be altered in height and pushed up close to a wheelchair or bed. Lots of powerpoints here but a lot of Notebook resources as well.


Talking about Powerpoints….don’t run away too quickly before you have a look at what Pete Wells has done with his sensory stories! Not a place to go if you are squeamish about bogies and snot….but really funny and go down really well with older pupils with SEN….oh blow the SEN bit…all kids like cheekily disgusting examples now and then don’t they? I point you in the direction of Gobbin Hood and his Merry Phlegm: www.petewells.co.uk

There is a lot more here…definitely worth a look and he is just as funny as his stories!

Finally, there is another great website that is great for cause and effect and single click type activities. Take a look at:


for the Moving Targets website. Have a go at the fireworks…its always good to finish up with fireworks I think!

Thanks for the opportunity Danny…think I’d better stop before I think of another resource………..