A quick mention for a great Twitter project being led by Chris Leach, a primary school teacher in Northants. His class, along with other local schools, will be tweeting as the main characters in the Gunpowder Plot – leading up to the attempt to blow up Parliament on 5th November 1605.

Characters include: Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy, Thomas Wintour, John Wright, Christopher Wright and Ambrose Rookwood, as well as the Earl of Salisbury and even King James I himself.

The project can be followed on Twitter by going here : http://twitter.com/chrisleach78/gunpowdertweetingplot

You can also keep an eye on #gtp2010 hashtag

It’s a great idea – and one that demonstrates a novel way of using Twitter with a primary school class. I’d be interested to hear from other teachers that are trying similar projects to help their students really understand the characters involved in historical or literary events.