In the past I have written about the various fun tools that are out there for creating fun avatars to use as profile images. If you are blogging with students – it’s recommended that you don’t use real photographs of the students. A fun alternative is to create a cartoon avatar instead.

Thanks to Mark Warner at Teaching Ideas for sharing yet another one to add to the list – the Wallace and Gromit character creator.

It’s the usual kind of thing – choose from a variety of face shapes, eyes, noses etc to create the face.

When you submit, you need to enter your email details to get sent a link to your finished image. Which is something you probably won’t want to do with a class. So before you get to the final stage you might be better to just hit Print Screen and paste the image into an Image Editor program and save it that way.

It’s tied in with Wallace and Gromit appearing on the Xmas stamps this year, so I don’t know if the site will last past the end of the year, so get in quick: