Moving On is a free interactive online PSHE and careers resource from the BT Learning and Skills programme. It is designed to help young adults aged 14-19 and beyond to learn more about themselves, the skills they need in life and work, and how best to develop and demonstrate these as they identify and apply for jobs that are a good fit for their personality, interests and skills.

Through a mix of videos, online animations and activities students learn how to identify their own skills, how to market themselves, and how to apply for jobs that are a good fit for their personality, interests and skills.

The activities are structured into three modules: Who do you think you are? Brand YOU and Putting it all together. Each module includes videos, graphical sequences, and for teachers, one or two lesson plans with differentiation, a short activity and extension ideas. An additional module provides links to extra resources. (access Moving On here)

Topics covered in this resource include CVs, job applications, interviews and careers. In addition, while seeing how other young people have succeeded in their chosen careers, students have the chance for reflection and analysis of their own abilities and areas for improvement. Insights from employers help students to think about issues such as their social media activity, what employers are looking for, and how to think about answers to interview questions.

Students discover, discuss and apply ideas as they:

  • reflect on their abilities and areas for improvement
  • identify the skills employers value and take control by planning how they can develop and demonstrate them
  • consider their personal ‘brand’ and draft a winning CV
  • explore and experience job applications and interviews
  • reflect on their experiences and plan their next steps towards a career.

Moving On would be a useful resource for Careers and PSHE teachers. The module has been mapped to the PSHE Curriculum for KS3 and KS4 in England, as well as other relevant PSHE-related curriculums in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A pdf file of the curriculum links can be downloaded.