Infuse Learning is a new assessment service which works very much like Socrative. It allows teachers to set up quizzes which the students can answer via any device which can connect to the internet – whether that’s a laptop, netbook, iPod, iPad or other tablet device. Like Socrative it is a fantastic addition to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom.

As well as the quizzes you can set up and save, you can also add Quick Assessment questions which can be given to the class at any point in a lesson. These can be quick True/False, Multiple Choice and Numeric answers and Likert Scale answers. There’s also the option for students to draw a picture as their response to a question, which is an interesting addition which would work well for students with touchscreen and tablet devices.

Infuse Learning

There are a couple of features that InfuseLearning has that have (yet) to come to Socrative. The first is the ability to add an image to a quiz question. There is also an audio option that will read out questions and answers. Both are really useful additions.

Infuse learning

Infuse Learning is accessed via the browser on your device – there’s currently no app like there is in Socrative. The Infuse site mentions that Internet Explorer is not yet currently supported, which may cause some problems if you don’t have the option of other browsers on your school computers.

I was very impressed with the site. I’m not sure if I’ll move away from Socrative just yet, but as an alternative it’s well worth exploring.

You can find out more about infuse learning here : Try it, you might prefer it. Like always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks to Martin Burrett (@ICT Magic) for letting me know about this site. Go visit his website for more great ideas!