Hue Animation Studio is an all-in-one kit to kick start your animation project.The pack includes a webcam and some animation software plus some modelling clay to get you started. I was sent a trial version of the pack to review

The studio includes Zu3D animation software which I wrote about last week which is a very user friendly piece of software. I found it very simple to create a simple stop motion animation and add sounds and titles. Zu3D lets you do onion skinning – so you can see a ghost of the previous frame overlayed onto the live image so it’s easier to see how far you have moved your character before you take the next picture. A very handy feature.

Hue Animation

Also included is a Hue flexible webcam. This webcam includes a microphone and comes with a long flexible neck which will help position the camera at a variety of different heights and angles. The picture quality of the webcam is very good and the manual focusing was quite simple to use.

For info the Hue Animation bundle, which comprises  Zu3D plus the webcam costs £59.99 on Amazon. But it is worth knowing that Zu3D itself can be downloaded on a 30 day trial and then activated for £29.99. The Hue webcam can be bought on its own for £29.95 on Amazon. Not included in my pack, but apparently part of the bundle, is a pack of plasticine – I bought a simple pack of 8 colours for £1 in Tesco.

I can see that it’s more convenient to buy the bundle, but you will not really be saving any money compared to buying the components individually, especially if you already own webcams in school.

And while the flexible webcam looks great, you can buy things that look similar for about £10 on Amazon for example this camera which costs about £7. Any webcam will work with the Zu3D software.

If you do already own webcams then you can just buy the Zu3D software direct from Zu3D website. And if you want to run this on multiple machines, site licence deals are also available.

Find out more at and find out more about Zu3D at

If you’ve bought the pack – let me know what you think in the comments below!