SketchLot is an interesting free website that allows teachers and students to share whiteboard sketches made on their tablet computers.

The application provides teachers and students with an online environment in which they can create sketches on their tablets easily and then share them with one another. The system works through a browser, so can be used on any web-enabled device. It doesn’t use Flash, so works fine on an iPad.

To use it, first the teacher creates an account and a class name. They can then set up each child as a user with a different password.


Sketching tools includes freehand drawing, straight lines, rectangles, color selection, erasing, and magnification.The teacher can then share these sketches with the children in the class. Children can log into their SketchLot accounts using the class code and the assigned passwords.

They can also create sketches of their own, and then share them with the teacher and / or other class members selectively. In this way a teacher could set a task for the children to complete, such as show their working on a maths problem, and then have all the images submitted to their dashboard to check/mark.

As well as using it to submit answers to questions it could be used for collecting ideas and brainstorming or collaborative mindmapping.


It’s an interesting idea, and if you have a class set of iPads or other tablets, I can see some useful ways that it could be used with a class.

The site is free to use, so it’s well worth setting yourself up with a teacher account and trying it out with a laptop or two.

Check out Sketchlot at :