ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create their own 3D pop-up books. I’ve written about it in the past, and it’s an excellent website. It’s now even better with the launch of their free iPad App, which you can download here.

The ZooBurst iPad app contains some new features that make it easier to view the books you have created, plus access a library of books created by other people.

a) Book Viewer: Via the app, you can view any of the Zooburst 3D pop-up books in either “Screen” or “Camera” mode. In “Screen” mode you can rotate around your book by touching and dragging the screen using your finger. Tapping on a character with a floating “exclamation point” symbol will display any text or sound associated with that item. You can also navigate from page to page using the arrow buttons on either side of the book.

Zooburst AR

Even more fun, you can also switch to “Camera” mode, which uses Augmented reality. First print out the special marker, then view it through the iPad’s camera. When the camera sees the marker, it makes the book appear on top of it, as seen in the photo. Moving the paper will move the book. You can find out more about that feature here.

b) Story Codes: A ZooBurst “Story Code” is a special printed symbol that identifies a ZooBurst book, much like how a barcode uniquely identifies a product in a grocery store. You can use the “Story Code” button to “scan” for stories that have been attached to physical objects. This would be good for classrooms where you could put story codes onto display boards and children (and parents) can scan them and go directly to their work.

You can’t create books with the app yet – you have to do that via the Zooburst website, but the app does provide an interesting way to link to and view the books the children have created. And even better, it’s free, so there’s really no excuse for not downloading it and taking a look!

Find out more from the Zooburst website here : http://www.zooburst.com