Lyfta combines Finnish and British excellence in pedagogy, storytelling and technology to introduce an exciting learning platform. Lyfta’s immersive storyworlds and lesson plans help teachers capture the hearts and minds of their students, delve into complex topics, and satisfy National Curriculum learning objectives.

Children can explore Lyfta’s real-life stories, built using interactive 360° environments, high quality short films, VR & AR technology, and rich media stories. Lyfta’s immersive resources are an ideal tool for teaching 21st Century skills and global citizenship.

Lyfta’s learning resources are cross-curricular, covering topics such as Literacy, PSHE, Citizenship, Geography, Philosophy, Art, Music, Religious Education, Global Education, and even a bit of Science and Maths.


All lesson and assembly plans are based on the Finnish National Curriculum but have also been adapted to satisfy big sections of the KS2 & KS3 UK Curriculum, with a focus on Literacy.

Lyfta is a subscription service, and the pricing depends on the size of your school. Prices start at £1600. You can get more information here.

Schools in England can use GLP e-credits to get Lyfta for FREE. The GLP (Global Learning Programme) is a government-funded initiative designed to promote global learning in schools. If you would like to find out more about this using GLP E-credits click here.