Teaching Packs offers collections of high-quality teaching resources that can be used in the primary/elementary classroom. The contents of the packs varies, but packs may include audio quizzes, ebooks, classroom display banners, printable posters, activity sheets and more.

The site offers packs of teaching resources linked to different topics, including Fractions, Maths Vocabulary, Pirates, Punctuation and more, available for a small annual subscription.

The site is produced by Mark and Helen Warner, both of whom work in schools and love sharing teaching materials. They are the creative geniuses behind some great websites such as Teaching Ideas and Teaching Appz. You can see their full range of websites over at Teaching Websites.


You can take a look at a preview page here to see the kinds of resources that are available.  Each pack contains a wealth of different resources, especially created for the site. I loved the Pirate Pack including Pirate Rules, a treasure map, a wanted poster, pirate problem solving activities and much more.

Current packs include

  • Persuasive Writing
  • Fractions
  • Times Tables
  • Maths Vocabulary
  • Calculators
  • Christmas
  • Classroom Rewards

and more!

The annual subscription to the Teaching Packs site costs just £12, but Whiteboard Blog readers can use the coupon code WHITEBOARD to get £2.00 off an annual membership. Coupon valid until 31st December 2013.

Subscribers will get access to all of the packs for a year, as well as any more that are produced during the membership period. Take a look at the Future Packs page to see planned resources that will be arriving soon. There’s a huge amount of work on show here, and it’s well worth the small subscription fee to access it.

You can take a look at Teaching Packs here : www.teachingpacks.co.uk