Switched on Science is a brand-new scheme from Rising Stars which has been written to support primary school science in line with the new changes to the National Curriculum. The Key Stage 2 pack is now available with the Key Stage 1 pack arriving in January 2014.

The scheme is packed full of hands-on experiments, creative investigations and new approaches to traditional topics, the series offers teachers original ways in which to run science lessons that will engage every pupil.

  • Each year is organised into six units, each providing half a term’s work.
  • Topics are divided into flexible units which can be adapted to fit the time you have available
  • Literacy, numeracy and ICT links are also provided
  • Assessment tests and guidance is included

Switched on Science

When you buy Switched on Science you’ll get free online access to 6 Tigtag science videos for each year pack. These are great short films created by TigTag to support science teaching.

Here’s a short video demonstration of one of the activities for year 3 which looks at digestion. I tried this out with my students this week and they loved it and were grossed out in equal measure!

I know this isn’t quite within the regular remit of this blog as it’s not educational technology – but I wrote the biology chapters for this book so I am going to plug it regardless. Hey, indulge me!

There are some interactive whiteboard resources included, plus lots of good ideas for cross-curricular ICT links.

For more information about Switched on Science, and to download a sample unit, visit the Rising Stars website.