The March 2014 edition of the UKEd Magazine is now available, hosting a fantastic array of features and articles for teachers and educators everywhere. It’s a free magazine, which you can read here. I’ve contributed a guide to using simple tools to get the most out of your Interactive Whiteboard. As well as that article, there’s other great stuff such as :

  • The Outdoor Classroom – Let’s get Growing Schools, by Beth Summers.
  • StickMen without Arms – Art & ideas by David Moody.
  • Designing a Better Learning Experience – 3D Printers, by Martin Burrett.
  • Teaching French to a Diverse Classroom, by Natasha E. Feghali.
  • Pedagogy in Pictures – A selection of ideas sent in from the classroom.

And much more! You can read a free copy of UK Ed Magazine here.