SMART have just announced the release of a much-needed add-on that will let you control content on your SMARTboard via your iPad. Better late than never.

There are some caveats here. You need to have a full licence for Notebook 2014 and have purchased the Notebook iPad app. 

The SMART Notebook Maestro add-on lets you interact with content and conduct collaborative two-way SMART Notebook lessons from a single iPad anywhere in the classroom. Write on the interactive display and the content appears on the iPad. Use an image from the iPad and it automatically appears on the display.



To use SMART Notebook Maestro you will need:

1) An Active SMART Notebook Advantage Subscription

SMART Notebook Maestro requires an active SMART Notebook Advantage subscription (check with your IT department to confirm if you have one). To download SMART Notebook collaborative learning software click here.

2) SMART Notebook app for iPad Version 2.3 or Higher

SMART Notebook Maestro requires the use of the SMART Notebook app for iPad version 2.3. The SMART Notebook app for iPad allows you to create multimedia files, complete assignments and share work. To download the SMART Notebook app for iPad go here.

3) SMART Notebook Maestro add-on

Start the download process for the SMART Notebook Maestro add-on by by clicking here. Then just double click the add-on file to install Maestro in SMART Notebook.

Disclaimer – I do not currently have a Smart Notebook 2014 licence key, and so cannot review Maestro for the moment. I’m hoping to get that sorted soon. When I get access I’ll tell you what I think of it.

Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments below.