Do you want to build a snowman? Well not quite, but your children can build snowflakes with this fun Frozen tutorial from

The latest initiative to get more children, and in particular girls into coding, has teamed up with Disney to produce a Frozen-themed coding tutorial.


The tutorial features Anna and Elsa from the movie. Children can learn to write code to help Anna and Elsa draw snowflakes, and perform magical “ice craft”. There are 20 steps in all, taking the children through the whole process. The interface resembles scratch, with drag and drop blocks that are easy to assemble. The site doesn’t try and dumb things down or patronize the children. It’s not trying to aim at girls by just making everything pink!

As well as proving coding practice, the tutorial also draws on aspects of maths to look at how repeating patterns can make symmetrical objects such as snowflakes.

You can access the Frozen Coding Tutorial, for free, here: