Here’s a very different idea for an iPad app from Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present. The Literacy Jukebox app is new resource which uses catchy and fun songs to help support the teaching and learning of literacy in the curriculum.

Each song has been written and recorded by primary school teachers Mr A, Mr C and Mr D. Their aim is to engage and motivate children in learning key literacy concepts through their passion for alternative music.

Genres range from hip-hop, indie and rock anthems to ballads, acoustic numbers and electronic disco hits! The songs complement the curriculum and are tested and loved by children.

The app features 20 unique and modern literacy songs which cover the following themes: Accents and Text Speech, Adjectives, Adverbs, Alliterate This, Apostrophes, Building Tension, Character Description Workout, The Grammar Dance, Hyperbole, Nouns, Onomatopoeia, Personification, Persuasion, Poetry, Prepositions, Punctuation Nation, Questions, Sentence Starters, Similes and Synonyms.

Literacy Jukebox

Simply swipe the screen down to reveal the lyrics. These can be printed off so children can sing along. There’s also a Karaoke Mode switch which mutes the singing, but leaves the music playing to sing to.

It’s a great idea for an app and I’m sure the children will find it great fun. The combination of fun lyrics, repetition and catchy tunes should help the children to remember key literacy concepts.

The app costs £2.99 and you can buy it here.