If you’re teaching a topic about Space, then this new image archive is going to be very useful!

Pretty much every image captured by the Apollo astronauts on their lunar missions have now been added to the Project Apollo Archive Flickr account. There are over 11,000 photographs, each one painstakingly digitized and restored for this fantastic project.

The images provide a fabulous record of life on the Apollo craft on their way to the moon, and on the moon itself. Perfect for adding some awe and wonder into a space lesson.

Neil Armstrong

To accompany this project, there is also a Project Apollo Archive page on Facebook, which will be showcasing new renderings of some of the best imagery, and which will also feature many other rare images such as Apollo 11 training photos.

You can access the archive on Flickr here. There are many other NASA Flickr accounts – NASA HQ is a good one to start with!