Technology Will Save Us is a new education technology start-up. They are on a mission “to provide families, educators and young people – of all ages, backgrounds and interests – new opportunities to learn and create using technology.”

They do this by producing some fantastic maker kits to inspire children to see technology as a tool for solving problems and making things with; equipping them with the skills that are essential for today’s world such as soldering, electronics, programming, design, debugging and problem solving.

Their kits include plant watering kits, DIY loudspeakers, synthesisers and hand held games. They also provide a pack for making your own “squishy circuits” with electro dough. They’ve also been involved in creating the BBC Microbit.

If you don’t fancy putting their kits together, you can buy pre-built versions which just need coding.

technology will save us

If you’re looking for a new project for some of your more experienced makers in your school, or want a more practical coding project, then take a look at Technology Will Save Us. Take a look at the educators section of their website for inspiration.

They’ll also make good Xmas gifts (yes, it’s that time of year again!).

The folks at Technology Will Save Us have very kindly sent us one of their DIY Gamer Kits. This contains an arduino and allows different games to be coded, such as snake. It looks great fun. There’s resources to go with it here.

We haven’t had a chance to start putting it together yet. But when we do we’ll put a post up on here to let you know how it went!

Watch this space!