Sketch Nation Create is a free game creation app for IOS and Android devices. The app allows children to draw, play and share their own games; designing their own characters, obstacles, challenges and rules.

It’s gaming, drawing, coding, story-telling and problem-solving in one simple-to-use and fun tool.

The Sketch Nation games cover nine different genres,from side scrolling running games to driving games. Children can even create their own matching game in the style of Candy Crush. These genres contains different difficulty modes, multiple levels and settings to allow the children to create the game they want.

Sketch nation createOnce the genre is chosen, the children can then draw each of game components – such as playable character, enemies, backgrounds and collectables. Images can be drawn, or imported from elsewhere.

Sketch Nation provides a terrific environment to help kids explore, imagine, investigate and create – simultaneously honing their artistic abilities and getting hands-on experience with game design.


Games can be played and shared via the Sketchnation website. You can set up a user account there, but it’s also possible to use the app without registering. If security is an issue, perhaps set up a class account rather than individual students?

The app was simple to use and children can be up and running very quickly. There’s loads of games already playable so they can get an idea of the kind of thing they want to create, before they make their own versions.

You can download Sketch Nation Create for IOS here and for Android here. Or visit their website at

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