ESA’s Interactive Moon guide is a new interactive website launched by the European Space Agency to explore questions about lunar exploration and explain what future moon missions may entail.

From radio telescopes on the far side of the Moon to how Earth’s natural satellite formed, the interactive documentary is a comprehensive guide. It features interviews with real lunar scientists from all over Europe as well as a timeline of all the world’s missions to the Moon.

The website offers a one-stop-shop to learn about the past, present and future of lunar exploration.

ESA Moon Interactive Guide

You can browse and explore via the different themes of science and technology or via the various lunar missions. There’s a wide range of different topics, from launch and orbital dynamics, to cameras and rovers, from Surveyor-1 to the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer.

The ESA say that the site will keep being updated with the latest information as they discover it, so check back in the future to see more!

This would be a great resource for teachers looking for more information about the Moon. The Lunar Timeline is well worth exploring on its own! You can view the interactive moon guide here.

Also – don’t forget Google Moon too!