Incredibox is a fun music creation tool that lets you you to create music using as a virtual human beatbox. I’ve written about the web version of Incredibox before, but now it is finally available as an iPad app!

As you drag outfits onto the people on the screen they begin to perfom different sequences of sound. The sounds then play on a loop to create your own unique piece of music.

Incredibox App

This would be a good way to introduce children to making music, but there’s also links to coding by using this as an example of an algorithm. Change around the basic components to create instructions for new music.

Finished sequences can be recorded for sharing and for later playback. It’s a fun app, and well worth trying out. You might want to start with the web version, to see if it’s worth spending money on. The Incredibox website also has various different sets of sounds to try out, not yet available on the app.

The Incredibox App costs £0.79 from the App store. Get it here!