The Curiosity Box is a new service that delivers science to your doorstep in a regular monthly box. Aimed at children aged 7-11, each pack provides all they need to carry out several simple science experiments. All the themes are linked to the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum.

The folks at Curiosity Box sent me over a box to see what I thought, so I roped in my 11 year old niece to help me out with it.

Firstly, I loved the packaging 🙂 Looked great!


This month’s theme was Electricity. There was everything needed for three different experiments. Plus instructions stickers, a certificate. I had a bit of leakage of salt from one of the bags which got everywhere, but apart from that, everything arrived perfectly 🙂

The three experiments involved play dough circuits, electric artwork and static electricity. We didn’t have the time to try the play dough circuits, so we’ll do that another time. We did do the other two.


The electric artwork provided a template for applying some conductive copper tape, along with some LED’s. These were then connected to a battery pack using the crocodile leads.

Unlike many things you buy, batteries *were* included, which was great.


Before connecting up, she was asked to draw a face/character on the other side of the paper. This meant that the LED’s became light up eyes.

curiosity box

We had a good discussion about conductors and where the electricity was going. How it managed to go from one piece of tape to the other through the LEDs and back to the battery. Also why both LED’s lit up, and not just the first one.

The other activity looked at static electricity and explored how you could collect the plastic fish using a charged up balloon. Rub the balloon then see how many of the fish stick to it 🙂


Overall, I thought the curiosity box was great. There was everything here for a child to do unaided, with the exception of probably a little assistance making the conductive playdough. The instructions were clear and additional information was provided to explain what was going on.

As a teacher, it could be worth subscribing for a while to get access to the various lesson ideas that you could then scale up to a class activity – buying the equipment in bulk for a class would be a little more cost effective.

There are various subscription plans available, and if the thought of a box every month is a bit much you can even pay as you go, buying a box every few months as and when you like. If you prepay for 12 months, it works out at £18 per box. Pay as you go is a little bit more. The service is currently UK-only.

Christmas is coming, and this might be just the kind of thing that makes a different kind of present for a child who’s interested in science!

You can find out more about the Curiosity Boxes at :

Disclosure : Curiosity Box sent me a free box to try out for the purposes of this article.