3d Design platform Tinkercad has introduced a brand new (beta) feature called Codeblocks. Codeblocks is an interesting new way to design things in Tinkercad, using blocks of code to set up and create 3D objects.

Users of Scratch will recognise these kind of drag and drop blocks of code, so many children will be able to get started quite easily. The blocks use simple non-technical language to make it more accessible.

Once created, the 3D objects can be sent to a 3D printer (if you have one) to be created as a real-world object.

Tinkercad codeblocks

Codeblocks is available in the Tinkercad Dashboard. Click on the Codeblocks to activate.


It’s an interesting idea, and it does introduce another alternative to coding games or applications using Scratch. It provides opportunities for children to create and debug objects using scripts rather than using drawing tools. It’s fun to use, even if you don’t have access to a 3D printer.

Codeblocks is a beta feature, so do expect a few bugs for now, and expect tweaks and updates in the future.

Tinkercad is a free site. So do go and check it out.